Flame Sauce

Flame Sauce is a brand new French studio with an incomparable composition. Prepared with genuine wild gamers meat, and smothered with a spicy sauce for connoisseurs, our goal is simple: create games you will enjoy playing as much as we do. And dominate the whole world, but that's another story.

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Who can beat him ? When he is
not busy chewing off his pencils
or raising his blood alcohol level, Superbat turns out to be a great Pokemon trainer doubled up as a foulmouthed cards player. Essential in any team.

Flame Sauce - Team Superbat

If crossing the streams is necessary, it will be against him. Half man, half developer, Momo has been bullying HTML tags since he was a kid. His lack of empathy and his hunter instinct make him a valued member of the team. In fact, we weren't given a choice.

Flame Sauce - Team Momo

Since being taken in by skate hikers, Wild Child has been discovering the wonders of the modern world, and enjoying tasty exotic food. He logically integrated the team as the technical lead. Obvious choice.

Flame Sauce - Team WildChild

Proud of his non-existing Viking roots, King Vi can become very upset on any comment about
his person or the studio. Still seeking for his 2 lost partners, Flame Sauce is the Drakkar that can save him.

Flame Sauce - Team KingVi

A kind of a wiser version of Cranky Kong. At least on his outward appearance: behind the meticulously messy goatee hides a lively creativity and a strong taste for pork rillettes (from Le Mans…Obviously).

Flame Sauce - Team James Saucerfull
Flame Sauce - project
Flame Sauce - Escape From The Dead Planets

Bimbos, heavenly sceneries and a plot matching those of the best Hollywood productions : that's everything you won't find in this game.

Nonetheless, this game has tons of funny aliens (funnier than the ones in Mars Attacks) as well as endearing and well-rounded planets. We even added a layer of puzzle game, which will require some free neurons and sharp reflexes.

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Flame Sauce - Escape From The Dead Planets

The story : Obnoxious bosses try to invade planets on which aliens are living, peacefully, enjoying life by eating potato chips. You hear ? Potato chips !

Your mission : help these aliens escape their world in tiny spaceships, but properly. Group them by shape and color and you will unlock amazing bonuses, before helping them get their revenge on the boss that tried to kill the mood.

The first galaxy is free, so the cheapest of you will still be able to enjoy the game. Available on iOS and Android !

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